Energy Boost Smoothie

Energy Boost Smoothie

Makes 1 glass of 200 ml.

Revitalize your days this summer with this delicious and nutritious Super Greens smoothie!

What ingredients do we need?

  • 50 gr. frozen banana
  • 20 gr. frozen pineapple
  • 20 gr. from our Super Greens blend
  • 4 spinach leaves
  • 10 gr. celery


  • 🌿 Weigh and freeze the fruit (banana and pineapple), preferably the day before.
  • 🌿 Place the frozen fruits, celery and spinach in the processor or blender.
  • 🌿 Lastly, add our Super Greens blend.
  • 🌿 Blend and serve.

Enjoy a refreshing smoothie! Post your glass and tag us.


  • If you want, add ice too!
  • Use ripe fruit to take advantage of its natural sugar, since the recipe does not have added sugars.
  • You can use fresh fruit.