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Plant Based

Suitable for vegans and other healthy lifestyles!

Products with extraordinary nutritional properties that highlight our Andean grains and natural plants.

100% natural

We take care of our ingredients and are careful not to add any artificial ingredients to each formula. Gluten free, without additives or preservatives.

Good practices

We work with Peruvian farmers and suppliers in a sustainable way. We have ethical sourcing practices with 100% transparency and quality standards to bring the best of our products to your table.

Eat Clean. Live Green


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...The Andean Protein has a delicious flavor, it is very creamy and without chemical additives. !...The Choco Maca Crunch, perfect snack or topping for a fruit or oatmeal bowl. It's delicious and I love that it has maca, it gives me a power boost when I'm out of energy...!

Tati Calmell del Solar

...Good nutrition increases our productivity and improves our mood, in addition to taking care of our health. At NURA Superfoods, I have found excellent alternatives for optimal supplementation…!

Paul Martin

...I feel that they are innovative products, with quality ingredients, which is the most important thing when it comes to feeding ourselves, and with a flavor that is very easy to accept for people who are not used to healthy products. I would recommend it 100…!

Macarena Romero

...I love their products and especially their mixes, as they are very well thought out! In addition, they have super innovative products like Choco Maca Crunch which I think is incredible…!

Daniella Salinas

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